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Are you wondering if he or she is your true soulmate?

Psychic North shore Chicago

       Grace is a 7th generation, Chicago-based psychic who specializes in love readings, reuniting soulmates, past-life regressions, and zodiac horoscopes. Are you wondering if he or she is your true soulmate? Have you been unlucky with love and wondering if you will ever meet the right person for you? Grace will tell you if and when the person you are meant to be with will enter your life.Grace knows from her 50+ years of experience serving clients locally and around the world that every problem has a solution. She provides guidance on all matters of life including, family relationships, romantic relationships, marital issues, separation and divorce, and more. Call now for a holistic solution to your problems, no matter how big or small.
Must be 18 years of age or older. Walk-ins welcome. Calls from all over the world are accepted. Only US calls and texts (SMS) can be returned.
Available for pre-scheduled in-person or phone readings Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM Central Time through 12:00 PM Midnight.